Call me Blush’ward Blade Hands!

So yesterday I took half a day out of the salon to go learn something new!

Skin care is massive at the minute! Make up is slowly becoming “less is more” and a lot of people are wanting flawless natural skin. That dewy natural glow, so you can actually use the phrase “I woke up like this”.

So along with the decoration of the shop, we’ve also put some work and effort into decorating our skills, bringing new treatments for 2019.

I can’t wait to share all our plans, but I’m going to try my best to give you snippets through out the year. Gives us all something to look forward too.

First up we’ve decided to concentrate on our skincare!

So the course I attended yesterday was the new craze, dermaplaning.

This treatment is really new to the industry, I think its only been around for about 3 years now, but at the moment it seems to be the new in thing to have done, so I decided to go and see what all the fuss was about and answer that one question everyone is dying to know!!

Does your hair grow back thicker and darker? The answer is NO but we’ll get to that later on..

Dermaplaning is a technique used to remove facial hair called Vellus hair AKA bum fluff.

It removes all the build up of crap on your face, residue of make up and creams we wear everyday, It also removes a layer of dead skin cells to leave fresh new skin underneath.

It’s a quick procedure of around half an hour’ish and its pain free.

It starts by cleansing your face with a face cleanser and then removing it with warm water, your face then gets patted dry ready for the blading.

Yep I said blade.

Nope its not going to cut your face.

Now the thought of someone shaving your face with a blade is crazy, and it looks crazy too, I’m not going to lie I was whacking it yesterday and my model was even worse Haha!

Even though you must be extremely careful, it’s Harder to cut someone then you think! They get the odd scratch here and there, the person having it done wont feel a thing if you’ve been scratched you wouldn’t know until you looked in the mirror but by the time the treatment is complete the scratches will have gone anyway, the time it takes for your skin to calm down is fast.

If you’ve been nicked a little by the blade and by that, I mean like a heavy scratch, it may take like a day to calm down, but the scratches will never cut deep enough to cause any infection.

Once you realise its going to take a lot to cut someone badly it becomes easier to work with the blade on the face. This treatment it all about the confidence, in both the client and the therapist.

So, you start with the blade on the forehead moving the blade back and forth working your way towards the hair line and you carry on, working in sections until you’ve completed the full face. We do all over the forehead, across the cheek bones up to the nose (staying well away from your eyes) down the sides of the face which is just the best bit ever!! Then we do the lip and chin areas and all under the chin and sides of the neck and the middle.

Its so easy to see where has been bladed and where’s not, the colour difference is there on your face its like your cleaning dirt off something you can literally see the fresh skin as your doing it. The hair and crap what comes off your face is unbelievable and you get to see it all at the end of your treatment it makes you feel so clean!

The hair what comes from the sides of the face is just brill. It’s so satisfying to do this treatment and for some reason it’s therapeutic.

After you’ve been bladed your face gets a good exfoliation and then we apply a moisturiser.

After your treatment you’re not supposed to touch your face for a good few hours as much as you can help anyways. You’ve got fresh skin and we’ve all got dirty hands and the two don’t mix well.

If its summer outside and the suns a blaze they do advise you wear sun cream, and no use of sunbed for a good 48 hours.

Apart from sun cream (if its needed) you’re not supposed to put anything on your skin for 24 hours. The down time on this treatment is a couple of hours. Its so normal for your skin to go really red during this treatment and that will hang around for a little while afterwards too, so if you do have any scratches they should go within an hour or two and this is normal. Yesterday my model was really red she had a few scratches down one side of her face where I had angled my blade a little wrong, she didn’t feel a thing.

I on the other hand was whacking myself at the state of her face although the teacher kept telling me “that’s nothing”

By the time we had got back in the car to come home her face was back to normal it just looked glowing and fresh.

Now there are pros and cons to every treatment its all about working out if the pros outweigh the cons.

Lets have a look..

So the first big question is about the hair situation, the rumour of hair growing back thicker and blacker is a myth, some people still say its not, but it is.

Vellus hair which is bum fluff cannot turn into coarse hair, it will grow back to be the same fluffy bum fluff you had before. Now I think most people will feel hairy because you’ve had 4 weeks of it not being hairy anymore, so of course your going to feel hairy when it starts to grow back, you’ve been bald for 4 weeks! It’s the same as having hair extensions in and then taking them out, your hair feels thinner, you think its ruined and you’ve made your hair go thin and horrible, when it’s not, your just used to having a pack of someone’s else hair in your head making it nice and thick. Get what I’m saying?

On the other hand… get this… Corse hair can turn vellus.

Which means if you’ve got stubble around your chin and lip area it can actually grow back to be fluffy instead therefore make it less noticeable and easier to remove next time around!

If you have severe active acne this treatment isn’t for you as blading over spots can obviously cause them to bleed and make them sore, if you’ve got the few odd spots we can blade up to them and go around them, the same goes for moles.

With things like milia spots also known as milk spots, its actually good for getting these out and reducing them.

For people with server eczema this treatment is no good, it will cause your skin to be really sore, if you suffer with dry skin and the odd patch of eczema this can be really beneficial for you, as over time the more you have the treatment, it keeps dry skin away!

You can, as with any facial treatments, have a break out of spots. This is totally normal and annoying but the more you have the treatment the less breakouts you will have in the long run. Overall for people with breakout skin, it’s a good treatment to add into your skincare routine.

Once this treatment has been done, your make up goes on amazingly! When you come around to doing your make up, it glides and sits on the face so well, it’s so smooth you’ve already got a flawless base to work with, which is half the make up battle done before you’ve even started applying your foundation.

The aftercare of the treatment is pretty simple too, you need to Exfoliate 2 days after the treatment and moisturise as the skin goes into shock. Its fresh new skin that’s getting all this new stuff like make up and even just the wind threw at it, it will not know how to handle it, so a couple of days after you need to exfoliate, give it a good clean and a good moisturise.

That’s basically it, go back to your normal face routine, which should be a cleanse, tone and moisturise every day and an exfoliation every once or twice a week.

Yes, I know what your thinking..

who on earth does that?

Who has the time to do that!!

Well ladies, we wanna be young, we wanna be wrinkle free, we want to be putting the kardashians to shame!!

Get your skin act together!!

Overall, I loved the course, I’m glad I went, I’m glad I’m now a dermaplaning newbie. I think its going to be good!!

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