Maskane – the problem on everyones face since 2020

Everyone's skin is feeling it at the moment due to the current pandemic, if your a mask wearer you will be noticing the breakouts on your face especially the mouth area and the cheeks.

Now some of these breakouts will not just be down to wearing a mask, they will also be due to the usual causes, not enough water, eating crappy foods and hormones. Mouth and jaw breakouts are normally always caused by the time of the month, but wearing masks wont be helping.

Now its hard to avoid the masks, but what we can do is ramp up our skin care routines and get into some good habits especially why winter is coming, and when your mask isn't needed and its safe to do so, make sure your letting your skin breathe.

So as you've noticed the sweat what is produced under your mask is quite a lot, if you have to wear them all day everyday like me, your skin is going to feel greasy, sticky and generally dirty! Masks in a way are helping you to steam your face with your own warm breath (rank I know!)So its making those pores open with the warm moist air in your little mask pocket, which will in fact be drawing crap from your pores, but the downside is the crap has no where to go because its sealed in by your mask and not only that but most of us wont be cleansing our skin either! So the dirt is probably breading more bacteria and then going back into your pores causing us to have breakouts, now wearing a mask is the law and also without getting into any debates I think its important in some ways, but either way good skin care routines will help your skin during this awful time!

So first of all Cleansing is a must! Day and night you want to be cleansing your skin, with a good cleanser something that is nice and gentle and not too harsh, anything harsh is going to irritate your skin and your skin is already being irritated enough by the masks. I am all for using natural cleansers rather then high street but anything is going to be better then nothing, what you want to be looking for in an Oil cleanser is.. Vitamin E – My favourite for skin, it supports skin cell function Vitamin C – Perfect antioxidant and great for skin radiance Oil – Almond oil is so good for the skin keeps it nice and supple and full of vitamins and goodness.

Then you want to be looking for something that fits bacteria – peppermint, apple cider vinegar (vinegar and juices can sometimes be harsh only use the tiniest amounts)

If your not into oil cleansers and you would rather buy a Cleansing wash.. you want to be looking for the same as the above but also now a days high market cleansers will include acids which are good for the skin.. Ones to look out for which are beneficial are..Hyaluronic Acidpeptides Salicylic Acid

If your already an oily person don't be scared of using oil on your skin, oily skin uses oil as a defence mechanism to balance out the loss of moisture on your skin and using oil to help clean it can combat the oil what's already there, without stripping away all the natural oils your skin needs.

If your using a cleansing face wash give your face a good cleanse massaging it into your skin and all down the jaw line and then the neck area as well, if your using cleansers as in oil cleansers then you want to be doing the same thing taking time to massage into the skin and neck and then washing them both away with a hot flannel or muslin cloth and patting fry the face with a clean fresh towel. Normally people use toners to take off oil cleansers or will use toners after a face wash but we want to avoid irritating the skin with harsh toners due to the masks already causing so much irritation already, so we want to strip back, back to basics. No toners for now!

Secondly you want to be moisturising your skin on a daily basis your skin needs to be hydrated. By using a daily moisturiser your going to be creating a barrier for you skin cells to stop them being irritated by the mask and anything else, this will be a bit step to helping stop the breakouts!

Thirdly once a week you want to be exfoliating with something nice and gentle, again not to irritate the skin, once a week is enough to clean the pores thoroughly.

Now all this good skin care goes hand in hand with skin care treatments.

Now with skin care treatments they take a step further in treating the skin, all these skin care products what you are putting on your face day in and day out will not work 100% but we can get them to with simple treatments like dermaplaning

Dermaplaning uses an exfoliating blade to skim dead skin cells from your skin including all hair dirty and oil that clog up your pores, by scraping so much away it gives your skin a restart, by having a strong exfoliation like this it allows skin care products you use every day to skin deeper into the skin, because there's nothing in its way no hair, dirt or oil stopping the products as they try to sink into your skin and in the process it leaves your skin feeling super silky soft.

Steaming and extraction – sometimes dirt which has been trapped for so long develops into blackheads which can be buried so deeply there hard to get out, but by steaming your face it opens the pores and draws out the unwanted blackheads with the little help of an extraction tool we are able to push on the skin a little allowing it to slide out more easily. Then most often then not after skin care treatments a different variety of masks will be used to put moisture back into the skin which is normally a basic step to every skin care treatment.

So don't forget everything above may not solve all your problems, sometimes things can be a little more tricky but everything above will help 100 times more then doing nothing.

If your not use to breakouts and the masks are starting to cause them your definitely in need of some TLC so remember,

Cleanse twice a day No toners for now to stop irritation Moisturise to create barriers

Exfoliate one a week for now, to not cause too much irritation

Try and get into your beauty salon to get a dermaplane and see the benefits.

One dermaplane and a weeks worth of skincare will make 2020 all better again,, HAHA only joking, but it will definitely stop you getting down and out about your Maskane!

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