So let's talk sugar!!

You've seen the videos you've seen the name..

But what actually is it?

Well its actual sugar.. Sweet and sticky!

Sugaring is an accient form of hair removal since 1900 BC! Orginating from Persia

Like all fashions and fads it's making its way back around.. well lets just state that this isn't a fad its just being rediscovered!

Like all women hair is one of the baines of our lives. We have too much of it where we don't want it, and not enough where we do want it! Seriously.. if my eyebrows grew as bushy as my actual bush, I'd be up there with some pretty amazing brows! Ha

But seriously let's talk about the places we hate the hair!

No one discusses the bikinis, Hollywood's, Brazilians, californians

But I'm gunna dive right in.. and tell you why you shouldn't be bothered about wanting your pubic hair gone! For good!!

So the paste is made from all natural ingredients, literally sugar water and lemon! Cooked to a consistentsy that allows the paste to mould into your skin, in a way that picks up hair and dead skin cells, so not only is it removing hair its exfoliating your skin which improves the tone.

Now your probably thinking why would I want to improve the tone of my vagina or my legs or my armpits.. well does anybody get shaving rash? Anyone get sore.. spotty? Little Red dots everywhere that annoy the hell out of you.. especially when its 30 degrees on holiday and you've got to wear a bikini!!

Well sugaring does not cause these reactions like waxing, shaving and hair removal creams do!

So let's talk some science..

waxing and sugaring are similar but the benefits of sugaring especially in the legs, bikini and underarm area out way waxing by a mile! There's not many beauty courses that I go on and instantly love, I question a lot.. I don't like being lied to, to make something out to be fantastic when you can clearly see its not all that, and when I did my sugaring course I instantly thought in my head this is just waxing! Untill I saw with my own eyes the results and i got results instantly. This is really personal but I know she doesn't mind me saying it, one of my Hollywood volunteers which is a regular bikini wax for me anyway, she never used to have it all off.. she likes a Brazilian a little bit of a landing strip! Which most women like the best these days.. especially women in there early 30s. In order for me to complete the course I needed to complete so many Hollywood's so she agreed to have it all of for me. Now her usual waxing area i knew was going to be fantastic the hair came off no problem but the middle she usually only trims, never shaves just tidys, so I was looking forward to seeing what it would be left like once we tried to remove all the hair. Her hair was thick and corse like all womens hair and normally with waxing we would struggle to get the hair off. The sugar took it off no problem, she was literally as smooth as a babys bum which I have never experienced with waxing and the pain she said was next to none (she didnt flinch!) Now the pain for non shavers will be next to nothing, if you are a shaver going from shaving to sugaring can be uncomfortable the first time round, but if you do not shave inbetween your appointments each time it becomes less uncomfortable.

Her skin afterwards was amazing there was no redness of any sort.. no red dotting.. no raw skin. I spoken to her a few hours later and the next day, and she said she couldn't even tell anything had been done! If she continued to come for a regular hollywood every 4 weeks once its grown back.. them 4 weeks would stretch to 6 then to 8 and before long her hair would grow back soft and sparse.

She would practically be hair free and her skin tone and complexion would be brilliant, and this applies to any area on your body, legs, armpits, forearms.

So next i am going to explain hair removal as a whole for those of you that are shavers or cream users.. so you get the jist of why people do it.

Shaving and creams are cheap, quick and simple to do, i get that.. but if hair is something that really bothers you then sugaring will give you the best benefits of not having to experience soreness, shaving rashes and shadows!

When you shave you cut the hair with a blade. Now let me just stop a second.. this applys to corse hair regions only.. armpits, pubic hair and leg hair. What I'm about to explain doesn't happen to your face so all the dermplaning fans and hesitaters please, do not let this put you off because what I'm about to explain doesn't apply to the face because the face is vellus hair AKA peach fuzz, bum fluff!

But when you cut the CORSE hair regions of the body with a razor blade when they grow back they APPEAR blacker and thicker, this is because of the blunt angle you cut the hair, the angle it grows back at gives the illusion it is thicker, blacker, tougher and corse

, plus most of the time hair follicles on the body contain more then one strand of hair.. yes ladies.. these follicles are having triplets, all over your body!! This does not happen to the face, I repeat this does not happen to the hair on your face. That still appears vellus the hair texture is different its a hole different ball game!

So when you sugar.. the hair is being ripped out from the bulb you are literally kicking those suckers out not just giving them a hair cut! By ripping it out of the root, detaching it from the dermal papilla you are causing the follicle to have to repair itself, which takes around 4 weeks, hence why sugaring lasts longer then shaving. With shaving your not actually killing anything your just cutting the hair which grows again quickly because its still attached to your blood supply! Do you get me? So when that hair repairs and re grows after sugaring its a fresh new hair which comes back softer because its not been cut. Softer hair is weaker hair.. which means next time you sugar it doesn't hurt! Its weak.

This growth procedure also applies when you use hair removal creams it doesn't do anything to the root of the hair alls it does is disintegrate the hair on the surface of the skin by a chemical reaction, which can cause rashes and iritation and doesn't take that long to grow back again.

The most popular reason people tend to have regular hair removal appointments is because after time it really does stop your hair from growing back! I've seen this with my own eyes over time with waxing and sugaring is no different. It damages the hair follicle that much over time that your hair stops growing, this doesn't happen over night but I can guarantee that after a year of regular appointments you will have hardly no hair, as well as having good skin complexion and smoothness!

So whats the difference between wax and sugar if you get the same result? Well you get the general hair removal but sugaring gives you the better skin complexion and smoothness because not only is it removing hair, its also exfoliating the skin and removing dead skin cells every appointment. Waxing can leave you sore for days after your appointment it can leave you with raw skin, uncomfortable skin.. burnt skin! With sugaring you get none of this, you can actually go over the same area of skin up to several times to make sure you get every little hair removed, and I know your probably thinking that just sounds painful but the best news about it all, is that it is way less painful then waxing! If you can stand to be waxed, sugaring is a walk in the park!!

Also your less likely to get ingrowing hairs from sugaring as the method in which we pull the hair out (which is the complete opposite to wax) stops the hair from breaking, its actually been proven that by pulling hairs against the way they grow which is what happens when you wax, actually snaps the hair rather then pulling it out from the root!

If your hair bothers you, get it removed! If you shave yourself and an hour later its growing back, then this treatment is for you! I promise it can change your life!

I have always been so paranoid about my hair, I have the worlds hairest armpits they need to be shaved everyday but it makes me so sore, and even once I've shaved i have a bit of a shadow, sugaring makes that shadow disappear it leaves my skin feeling lovely and fresh rather then sore.

If you struggle with shaving rash, especially in the vagina area then sugaring is a life changing treatment. Dont be afraid to go to the salon and get sugared. Don't feel uncomfortable about having to take your knickers off, I don't care. Ive literally seen a hundred women and we are all the same. Ive had two children myself i know what the feeling is like of having someone staring inbetween your legs, its not nice. Its embarrassing and awkward for you, but once its done its done and then each time it gets less embarrassing. I dont care what you look like or how many children you've had or what scars, warts, pimples, moles you have. Im there to make your hair life the best life!

If you want more information on sugaring or a consultation to make a start on a better hair life then please get intouch!

Whether your on a diet or not.. this sugars for you!!

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