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Everyones got a little more time on their hands then usual.. why not take this time to look after your skin a little better then usual. Let’s explain some of the products that are so good for your skin.. and probably sat in your cupboards at home!

Coffee – the one thing that most people survive off every day!! The magical bean.. the magical taste.. the magical face scrub? YES! coffee beans create one of the best natural face scrubs around and I’m going to explain just a few. The antioxidants in coffee can help to reduce inflammation and redness in the face, so if your prone to breakouts this is perfect for you! The caffeine content in coffee gives it powerful anti-inflammatory properties allowing the scrub to soothe your face! It’s also great for oily skin, especially in the summer months, antioxidants also help the fight against age, who knew coffee helped stress and wrinkles! Certain studies have shown that coffee has similar effects on the skin as the anti aging skincare ingredient Hyaluronic acid, which is a product that’s used a lot in expensive facials now a days! The coffee seed oil alone can increase collagen and elastin making the skin look and feel a lot firmer. Coffee keeps skin hydrated, it reduces water loss so the moisture doesn’t evaporate from the skin and going back to the caffeine content, it stimulates blood flow and circulation when applied directly to the skin this helps to improve cell regeneration Aka helping the skin to heal itself, afterall your skin is the body’s largest organ! The texture of coffee is perfect for exfoliation, everyone knows the importance of exfoliating dead skin cells and loose skin away from the face in order to help moisturizer sink deeper. Last but not least, not only is it beneficial for your face, coffee over the years has been creating a hype for itself by helping to fade away stretch marks. Stretch marks are a trade mark for every women, unless your one of the lucky ones! Whether through pregnancy or weight gain/loss, they are the mark’s we cannot erase, coffee scrubs have been known to reduce these over time, so dont get your Hope’s up yet! The scrub should be left on the Mark’s for up to 20 minutes then rinsed off with warm water and by doing this often it will over time rapidly reduce mark’s. Coffee has the ability to sink deep through the layers of skin, allowing it to tackle tissue beneath which is were stretch mark’s lie, in the middle layer of skin. Last but not least is the smell, the smell of coffee beans, clears airwaves and instantly awakens the sleepiest of people! The best way to start the day.. drink it, but slap it on your face too! Now mixed with the coffee in the video we have.. Brown sugar and oil.

Brown sugar – the main aim for the sugar in the scrub is to act as an exfoliator, the granulated particles make a great gritty texture to get your scrub on! It also has anti bacterial properties, but it’s best property is making your skin instantly glow, this remedy has been used for years in countries like India. It’s a natural body polish!

Oil – now there are 3 types of oil that can be used, almond oil, olive oil, coconut oil! And all 3 have good benefits! Almond oil for the skin is an all round winner it always has been.. it’s my personal favourite because it’s been used for centuries on helping dry skin, it helps to improve the appearance of acne, it can help to reverse sun damage, darker circles and sun spots, it contains all types of nutrients, vitamin A to stimulate the production of new skin cells, vitamin E another antioxidant, Omega 3 fatty acids which reduce aging and Zinc which helps reduce the appearance of acne. Sweet almond oil has always been my Fav! But its not something that’s lying around the house so let’s look at the other oils..

Olive oil – so the vitamin content in olive oil is brill, it’s full of A, D, E and K. You’ve nearly got a full alphabet there! Another antioxidant.. research by scientists has also shown that applying olive oil to the skin after sun exposure may fight off cancer causing cells. Overall the main benefit for olive oil is moisture. Everyone knows its greasyness but dont let that put you off! The skin will benefit from soaking up all its goodness and will feel all the more hydrated for it!

Coconut oil – overall this oil helps to build your skin’s protective layer trapping lots of moisture inside and keeping skin supple. It helps reduce inflammation, it also increases collagen production making skin look plump, like natural fillers, bought from tesco for £2.50! It has properties which can help with acne and anti bacterial benefits! Coconut oil is very greasy, and can if over used clog pores, so just be careful with this one, only use it often, not a lot!

Exfoliating your skin should only happen once or twice a week, doing more than that can cause irritation on the skin, but the good thing about this homemade scrub is it can be bottled up and stored! Not only is this brilliant for your face but all over your body in the shower. If your trying it for the stretch mark purpose.. make sure you leave it on the skin for up to 20 mins, it needs time to work if your trying to reduce the mark’s.

Kettle on, Scrub up!!

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