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Updated: May 15, 2020

99.9% of the time the first thing a person says to me when i ask them what they want their make up like is.. I don’t really know, but can you make my eyes really stand out!

Every person wants their eyes to be the main focus and of course why wouldn’t you, there the biggest part of your face, from the brow to the iris they completely shape your face and are the main indication on how your feeling. Some people want them bright, want the colour of their eye to pop! Some people want sultry and sexy, what ever you want i’m going to try to explain the next question i get asked 98% of the time after the first ones been asked HA! What colour eye shadow should i wear with my colour eyes? Remember the colour wheel that was most probably posted up on the wall of your art classroom? Well that explains a lot when it comes to make up! Ya’ll are going to wish you would of listened in Art class! Brown eyes Its only fair i start with brown eyes as they are the most common eye colour in the world with over 55% of the world having brown or hazel eyes! If your blessed with those chocolatey buttons, well you are very lucky when it comes to eye make up! You can literally wear anything you like, with brown being such a neutral colour almost anything will make your eye pop! Sometimes when picking a colour for your eye, hair colour and skin shades do play a little part, if your bright blonde and pale with a hazel eye maybe throwing a load of black on your eye might not be something you’d be comfortable with but in terms of iris colour it shouldn’t look out of place. The best colours to use for brown eyes are purples, blues, teals & navy, anything with a blueish tinge is going to work really well. The coolness of a blue colour will contrast with the warmth of the brown eye making the whites of your eyes seem brighter then what they are! There you go ladies, you’ll be pop pop popping come Saturday night! Purple is a universally flattering eye shadow it goes well with any eye colour, hair colour, skin colour! its a contrasting colour and putting a contrasting colour with a brown eye really warms it up.. making your eye pop! Basically anything cool toned you want to be wearing, as its all about the contrast, that is what makes your eye the main focus. Silver is another good one for brown eyes, a gunmetal grey or metallic silver again does the same job as the other colours, the only problem with silver is age.. if your feeling like your carrying some bags under your eyes, strong colours like silver on the lower lash line can make your dark circles stand out more. So i know what your thinking, who the hell wants to open the door to the 80’s on a Monday morning and go swishing into work with some bright blue eye shadow, well the joys of brown eyes, you can do what ever you like! Brown eye shadow an overall favourite, its neutral, its easy going and its enough for day time, it doesn’t make your eye wow, it blends too much with the actual colour of your eye but if your going to use a brown your best to stick to cool brown colours so think of the colour Taupe, anything silver-browny looking thats what you want to go for! Blue eyes – the colour of my own eyes Blue belongs to the cool tone family so you need something thats going to warm them up, this is were my all time favourite eye shadow colour comes in, Orange!! its always been my favourite colour to wear, Blue and orange on the colour wheel are opposites, but as you all know.. opposites attract! Burnt orange bright orange Bowny/orange they are all gorgeous and really make your eyes stand out! Same goes for gold,, the yellow in the gold also doing the same job.. yellow is next to orange on the colour wheel.. see where im going with this? Just a tip for gold shadow.. buy yourself a yellow eye pencil and sketch it over your lid like your colouring in your eyelid, then put gold eye shadow over the top! Now THAT will make your eyes pop!! that is my fav trick for blue eyes. Pinks and rose colours are great with blue eyes, again these make the whites of your eyes seem brighter then what they are, but if you don’t want strong colours throughout everyday then use earthy neutral colours like slate greys and warm browns these will work really well. Blue on blue eyes is not really ment to be, it does look nice but its not really going to do anything for your eyes, just makes them appear dull and washed out. Green eyes – the colour of my beautiful mums, even though i thought she was an alien when i was younger! Green eyes are beautiful, and since your eyes are already bright theirs no need to use vivid colours. Going back to purple which we said earlier flatters every eye colour, its extra special with green eyes! So on the colour wheel greens complementary colour (the colour across from green) is red, forget the whole red and green should never be seen, my Christmas tree is green and my baubles are red and its gorgeous haha! anything with a red undertone for example purples, pinks, bronze, copper will work really well with a green eye. Bronze is amazing on a green eye and the yellow in the bronze will draw out any blue flecks in the eye giving you that whole greeny/blue sea green shade! Brown again looks gorgeous on a green eye and very subtle for an everyday look. These are just the basic “rules” that’s ment to guide you with your eye colour, but do what ever you want, dare to be different! All in all, you cant go wrong with browns, but if you fancy a change try something new! I don’t really have any interesting pictures to post tonight so since my husbands at work and the kids are asleep and brown seems to be the overall safe option for very eye colour I’ve wrote it that many times tonight I’ve decided to eat the only brown thing i had in my cupboards!! Haha Happy Monday night ladies!!

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